Technology to power alternative assets

Connecting alternative asset managers and distribution partners with powerful digital tools for pre-sales & reporting
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We have a growing network of asset managers and distribution partners using Daphne to publish and consume fund data
For asset managers

A single digital solution for pre-sales and reporting

Digitize and market funds across multiple channels at scale, with low impact on internal teams.

Digitise and distribute

Digitise fund data once and distribute automatically in standard format to multiple end points including distribution partners, LPs and public websites.

Rapid fund onboarding

Accelerate time to market, eliminating months of manual effort per fund annually inputting product updates and reporting

Automate reporting

Use Daphne as a definitive data source to instantly populate routine fund reports in Microsoft Office, allowing you to scale your business without adding operational burden and while reducing the risk of errors.

Sync with consultants

Publish your products directly to our growing ecosystem of investment consultant partners and we'll make sure your fund data is always up-to-date in their databases, to maximise your sales opportunities.
For distribution partners

Access to the definitive source of fund data

Find new funds, connect with managers, and access updates
& reports effortlessly in a standard format.

Get definitive fund data

Ensure you have the latest fund data from asset managers. Get standardised fund data from a single API, allowing you to integrate directly with your internal or third-party platforms.

Rapid fund onboarding

Use Daphne to speed up time to market by dramatically reducing the time required for fund onboarding and diligence.

Explore our fund catalog

Review funds via web-interface in an easy-to-review format with features like side-by-side comparison.

Stay in sync with updates

Rely on immediate email updates or integrate your internal or third-party platforms with Daphne's powerful APIs and event notifications to keep your fund data reliable and current.

About us

Meet out team, who have a wealth of experience providing industry-leading software solutions for alternative assets.
Photograph of Amit Gairola
Amit Gairola
Chief Executive Officer
Amit has deep experience in fintech, B2B platforms and two-sided marketplaces. In Amazon Lending, he helped scale the business to a billion dollar-plus balance sheet. He also built Amazon Freight Europe, a digital freight marketplace. As Chief Product Officer of PayCargo, he evolved and expanded their product. Amit is keen to bring his experience to the digital transformation of alternatives.
Photograph of Michael Marconi
Michael Marconi
Chief Product & Technology Officer
Michael previously founded Duco, a pioneering cloud-based fintech firm specialising in data reconciliation and analytics that transformed how financial institutions control data risks. He has held leading product design, research, and technology roles in the finance industry and continues to drive innovation at Daphne, with the aim of helping to transform the alternative assets industry.
Photograph of Stephanie Drescher
Stephanie Drescher
Board member
Chief Client & Development Officer at Apollo.
Photograph of Doug Smith
Doug Smith
Board member
Board member at Anaplan.
Photograph of Neil Mehta
Neil Mehta
Board member
Global Head of Strategy at Apollo.
Photograph of Andrew Tarver
Andrew Tarver
Board member
Head of Motive Create.
Photograph of Griffith Norvill.
Griffith Norville
Board member
Head of Technology Solutions at Hamilton Lane.
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